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Gil Aranowitz – Press Kit

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Gil Aranowitz is a Founder, Writer, & Messaging Strategist at "The Best Words Win," a consultancy dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and small businesses with big ambitions find their voice, illuminate their audience, define their narrative, and craft compelling content.

With a career starting in 1994—the same year Amazon launched—Gil has been at the forefront of adapting to the digital era's dynamic marketing landscape. 

Gil crafts compelling marketing campaigns and sales funnels that drive results for his clients. He's also a skilled workshop facilitator, fostering creativity and problem-solving in group settings. 

A father of three perpetually on the verge of independence boys, Gil resides with his wife in Irvine, California. Fluent in English and Japanese, he possesses a penchant for traveling the world and practicing martial arts—a combination he relishes. 

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About "The Best Words Win"

“The Best Words Win” is a leading voice in the emerging discipline of Messaging Strategy. Founded by Gil Aranowitz, a seasoned writer and messaging strategist, the consultancy champions a distinctive approach rooted in the Five Principles of Effective Messaging. This approach not only clarifies brand purpose and narrative, but also deeply engages target audiences through meticulously crafted content.

Offering a suite of services including Brand Clarity Coaching, Voice of Customer Research, comprehensive Messaging Guides, and  Copywriting & Content Creation, "The Best Words Win" specializes in transforming marketing campaigns and sales funnels into potent drivers of success. Gil's expertise ensures that each strategy is not just about speaking to an audience, but connecting with them, fostering relationships that drive business growth and brand loyalty.

Press Kit: About

The Five Principles of Effective Messaging

At "The Best Words Win," our approach to messaging is built on the Five Principles of Effective Messaging. These principles include:

 🎯 PurposeWhy does your brand exist?"

👥 Audience: Who truly connects with your brand?

🎤 Voice: How does your brand speak?

📖 Narrative: How does your story unfold?

💡Clarity: What sets your content apart?

By focusing on these foundational aspects, we ensure that every piece of communication is purposeful, audience-centered, and clear. 

These frameworks not only enhance the connection between brands and their audiences but also drive meaningful engagement and results. Our dedication to this approach is reflected in our work, providing clients with a messaging advantage in their marketing and sales efforts.

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Suggested Interview Topics

How messaging continues to evolve with technology?

Let's talk about how the ways businesses talk to customers have changed since the dawn of the internet and how it will continue to evolve.

Why is strong messaging critical for small businesses?

We'll discuss why getting your message right is super important for small businesses wanting to grow.

How to tell your brand story in a way that sticks?

Tips on crafting narratives about your brand that people will remember and love.

How to understand your customer intimately?

Why it's crucial to really understand who you're talking to and how it makes your messaging spot on.

What are The Five Principles of Effective Messaging?

A deep dive into the five must-know rules that make your brand's messaging shine.

How to avoid common messaging slip-ups?

We'll cover the usual mistakes businesses make in their messaging and how to fix them.

What's next in messaging and marketing?

A look into what the future might hold for talking to customers and finding ways to stand out.

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