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Charting A New Course With Content And Lead Generation Marketing

Hornblower Cruises: Headliner


Hornblower Cruises and Events is one of the largest, most established dining cruise and charter yacht companies in the United States with over seventy yachts, thousands of employees, and millions of happy guests every year. With a growing presence on both coasts, Hornblower was looking to boost lead generation effectiveness for its corporate cruise business.


A comprehensive demand generation effort, including Buyer Persona Development, Customer and Prospect Database Segmentation, Content Strategy, Blog, Email and Ebook Content Creation, Lead Generation Marketing Plan and Marketing Automation Workflows.


Our efforts were implemented starting with Hornblower’s Summer Corporate Event Lead Generation campaign. Results for the campaign far exceeded the previous year's, with a quadrupling of qualified leads booking summer corporate charters on Hornblower Yachts.

Hornblower Cruises: List

Ebooks & Premium Content

Concepted and developed ebooks and follow up nurturing campaigns designed to capture contact information and engage mid-funnel prospects who are not yet ready to book a cruise event.

Hornblower Cruises: About

Buyer Personas


Conducted primary and secondary research to uncover key characteristics and triggers for Hornblower’s top corporate event buyers, and used these insights to develop custom Buyer Personas to guide marketing and lead generation efforts.

Landing Pages


Concepted and created landing pages based on targeted offers and calls-to-action. Managed A/B Testing Programs designed to optimize outcomes.



Created and managed Email Campaigns targeting various buyer profiles across key geographies. Managed A/B Testing Programs designed to optimize conversions.

Lead Gen Marketing Programs


Developed strategies for refining, expanding and improving Hornblower’s lead generation marketing efforts. Created new email segmentation programs based on Buyer Personas, geo, buyer stage and other criteria. Developed extensive email workflows and related processes to improve email database performance through better alignment of the buyer profile, content and timing.

Content Marketing


Developed suites of engaging and purposeful campaign concepts, ebooks, blog/social content, offers and editorial/posting calendars, targeting Hornblower’s various buyer types.

Hornblower Cruises: Portfolio
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