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The truth about “broetry” content

Surely you've seen it.

Those haiku are like long lists of prose.

Filling up your LinkedIn feeds.

Cluttering your inboxes.


I've never been a fan of the style. I get that it's easy on the eyes, especially when scrolling on a phone. But I find it limiting. Broetry makes everyone sound like a motivational speaker trying to sell you a dream lifestyle rather than conveying genuine thoughts or experiences.


The oversimplification often glosses over the nuances and complexities of real life, reducing profound ideas to catchy slogans.


Broetry may capture attention quickly. But it lacks depth and authenticity, which are crucial for meaningful communication. In a world where we're bombarded with information, it's important to strive for quality and thoughtfulness rather than just eye-catching brevity.


Simply put, blindly adopting this writing style glosses over your unique voice.


I recently worked with a client who offered a wonderful weight management and healthy lifestyle coaching program. The program's success came from the coaches' genuine support and the quality of the educational content. Yet they struggled to bring in new prospects.


The issue? Their prospecting content didn't convey the true strengths of the program. The warmth, sincerity, and expert support they offered members was stifled by their short, aloof-sounding paid social media posts and prospecting emails. They were suppressing their authentic voice for the sake of being short and scannable.


Now, don't get me wrong, I do believe there is a middle ground where messaging can be both easy to consume and retain your unique, unforgettable style and personality. But we live in an age of limitless choice. Simply sounding like everybody else doesn't cut it.


What do you think about this short, prose-like writing style common in so much of the marketing content out in the wild today? Does it work for you? Or do you find success when cultivating your own unique voice?

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