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The Color of Words

Successful brands know that words have textures, temperatures, and tastes. They leverage this sensory palette to make their messaging unforgettable.


Consider the word "crisp." It's not just a word; it's a multi-sensory experience. Visually, it's sharp and clear, possibly evoking the image of a bright, fresh morning. The sound of the word itself mimics the actual sound of crispness.


It's no accident that food and beverage companies love this word. It sells not just a product, but an experience.


Now, how about applying this sensory strategy to your marketing? Start by thinking of your brand's key messages. What colors do they evoke? Are they warm and inviting, cool and refreshing, or bold and energizing?

What shapes come to mind? Smooth and flowing lines, sharp and edgy angles, or soft and comforting curves?

And if your message had a flavor, what would it be? Sweet and comforting, spicy and provocative, or fresh and revitalizing?

This approach might seem out of the ordinary, but that's the point. In a sea of sameness, sensory words can be your lighthouse, guiding customers to your shores.

By painting with words, you're not just communicating; you're evoking emotions, creating images, and delivering experiences. This is the essence of memorable marketing.

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